NEXUS Launches Innovative Pilot Project to Increase Victim Identification in Indonesia (December 2016)

The NEXUS Institute is pleased to announce the launch of its project supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons (AAPTIP):

Increasing Victim Identification and Improving Access to Criminal Justice in Human Trafficking Cases in Indonesia

NEXUS is implementing this pilot project in three villages in three districts in West Java to increase the capacity of village-based police and other duty bearers to identify potential trafficking victims and refer them to the relevant institutions for formal identification and protection, including access to justice. Multi-disciplinary teams have been established in these villages to be the frontline in identifying and referring trafficking victims in the community. This project will increase communication, cooperation and competency of these village-based multi-disciplinary teams to effectively and appropriately recognize signs of human trafficking and refer previously unidentified trafficking victims for formal identification and assistance. The project will increase the number of Indonesian trafficking victims who are formally identified, informed of their rights and referred for protection. The model and approach piloted in this project will be applicable beyond Indonesia, offering guidance that can lead to an improved ability to identify trafficked persons, thereby strengthening the criminal justice response and the provision of assistance and protection to further victims’ recovery.

The project description is available in English and in Bahasa Indonesian.

Photograph by Peter Biro for the NEXUS Institute: A man labors in a field in Indonesia. All rights reserved.