NEXUS in Bangkok, Thailand for SEAFDEC Regional Technical Consultation (February 2016)

BANGKOK, 25-27 February 2016 – NEXUS was pleased to participate in the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) Regional Technical Consultation on Labor Aspects within the Fishing Industry in the ASEAN Region in Bangkok, Thailand.

The consultation included an update on agreements, instruments and international conventions relevant to the fishing sector and an update of current legal provisions and implementation guidelines issued by the Member States that are of relevance to the improvement of working conditions in the fishing sector. It was also an opportunity to present research and experiences of key players working with and mandated to address the working conditions of people engaged in fisheries-related activities (onboard vessels, on shore and in post-harvest and processing industries including community fisheries and safety-at-sea). NEXUS Senior Researcher Rebecca Surtees attended the event and presented NEXUS Institute’s extensive research on human trafficking in the fishing industry at the meeting.