New NEXUS Article on the Reintegration Experiences of Trafficked Indonesian Men in Beyond Trafficking and Slavery (April 2019)

18 April 2019 – Experiences of long-term reintegration, particularly men’s experiences, are largely missing from research on human trafficking. And yet, understanding the nature of and reasons for the problems men face after trafficking is key in designing and implementing programs and policies for trafficked men to recover and reintegrate. NEXUS Institute’s research with 49 trafficked Indonesian men, which was designed to help fill this gap, is featured in a new article: Feeling a Failure: Returning Home a ‘Trafficked’ Man in Indonesia.

Beyond Trafficking and Slavery (BTS), an openDemocracy partnership, aims to use evidence-based advocacy to unveil the structural political, economic, and social root causes of global exploitation.

A longer version of this article was first published in the Anti-Trafficking Review.


Photo by Reddy Aprianto/Flickr via Beyond Trafficking: A man in Indonesia.