Good Practice in Global Data Collection

Good Practice in Global Data Collection on Trafficking in Persons: The Science (and Art) of Understanding TIP

Implementing Agency: NEXUS Institute

Geographic Scope: Global

Years: 2014-2017

Project Summary: Effective efforts to combat trafficking in persons (TIP) are predicated on methodologically rigorous, reliable and ethical data acquisition, appropriate data management systems as well as sound, objective and insightful analysis of that data. Without high quality data, both on victim protection and on trafficking prosecutions, it is not possible to effectively design appropriate policies and interventions or to monitor and evaluate anti-trafficking efforts in a meaningful way. And yet TIP data collection is not uncomplicated; it involves a raft of methodological, ethical and practical issues and considerations.

This project will contribute to on-going efforts in the anti-trafficking field to enhance robust data collection on trafficking in persons. The project’s overall objective is to identify good practice in the field of TIP data collection, which can be mobilized more broadly to improve TIP data collection in the areas of protection and prosecution. This, in turn, will support the enactment of more effective evidence-based anti-trafficking policy and practice. The research project is global in scope and includes cross-cutting examples from different countries in multiple regions. NEXUS will produce a global study of good practice in TIP data collection that can serve as a practical resource and reference for the anti-trafficking community in efforts to undertake TIP data collection and analysis.

The project is generously funded by the United States Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP).

Photograph by r2hox. Some rights reserved.