The work of the NEXUS Institute expands actionable knowledge and understanding about the nature of human trafficking, as well as other emerging human rights and humanitarian violations. NEXUS has organized and led numerous multi-country, multi-year projects, among the most sophisticated undertaken in this field. We have often examined the most complex issues or issues of first impression in the field of trafficking in persons. None of our work is undertaken in the abstract. Everything that we do aims toward providing nuanced analysis that reveals what works, what does not, and why. Based upon this we then create – as an integrated component of our work – better approaches and better strategies for achieving excellence in effective performance to end the virtual impunity of perpetrators and to improve the protection and assistance of victims. In this way our model bridges what research and analysis reveal about current best practices and serves as the basis for influencing significant improvements in laws, policies, and practices. In our work we strive to arm officials, professionals, and practitioners in government, business, and civil society with the insights, evidence, and tools that they need to continue progress against human trafficking and to help break through plateaus where measurable performance and results have stagnated. As a key element of our philosophy, we identify quality multi-disciplinary collaborations and partnerships, especially from our extensive network of expert colleagues and specialists around the world, inviting them to join us in taking these insights and implementing and testing them in the field. Ultimately, we creatively design solutions to help nations, communities, organizations, professionals, and individuals work effectively toward our shared vision: transformational change that results in the end of modern forms of slavery. We welcome you to review our extended portfolio of work on this Projects page and our Publications page or to contact us for more information about our approach and body of work for achieving meaningful long-term systemic change.

Photographs by Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. All rights reserved.