Human Trafficking In Indonesia: The Difficult Road Home

This photo essay originally appeared on July 13, 2016 on Medium. In Indonesia, human trafficking is a pressing problem. With over 32 million people living below the poverty line in this vast island nation, many thousands of Indonesians each year end up in working conditions indicative of trafficking. And once a trafficking victim returns home, […]

Trapped at sea. Using the legal and regulatory framework to combat trafficking at sea

This post originally appeared on February 21, 2014 at The Trafficking Research Project Trapped at sea. Using the legal and regulatory framework to combat trafficking at sea Once again, we welcome Rebecca Surtees from the NEXUS Institute. This post is adapted from “Trapped at sea. Using the Legal and Regulatory Framework to Prevent and Combat the Trafficking of Seafarers […]

New NEXUS Research on the Experiences of Fishermen at Sea: In African Waters (December 2014)

December 2014 – The NEXUS Institute and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are pleased to announce the publication of a study on trafficking within the commercial fishing industry – In African waters. The trafficking of Cambodian fishers in South Africa, authored by Rebecca Surtees, Senior Researcher, NEXUS Institute. This study discusses the trafficking of Cambodian men […]

Child Trafficking in Sierra Leone

Implementing Agency: NEXUS Institute Geographic Scope: Sierra Leone Years: 2004-2005 Project Summary: This study was commissioned by the UNICEF office in Sierra Leone in response to an increased awareness of trafficking as an issue in the country and as a child protection issue. The specific focus of this assessment was child trafficking and had three primary objectives: […]

Trafficking of Men

At Home: Family Reintegration of Trafficked Indonesian Men (2018) Large numbers of Indonesian men migrate each year for work in construction, in factories and in agriculture, on plantations and on fishing boats. Many of them end up exploited in ways that constitute human trafficking, suffering violence, deprivation, restricted freedom and severe exploitation as well as […]

Human Trafficking Thematic Research Series

Better Analysis, Better Programs: Evidence-Based Interventions in Combating Human Trafficking Implementing Agencies: NEXUS Institute and IOM Geographic Scope: Global (with specific studies conducted in Cambodia, South Africa, Belarus and Ukraine) Years: 2008-2014 Project Summary: For victims to be protected, traffickers to be prosecuted and trafficking to be prevented, an understanding of the phenomenon of trafficking, in all its forms […]

Identification of Trafficking Victims

Trafficking Victim Identification: A Practitioner Guide (2021) Victim identification is the process by which an individual is identified as a trafficking victim, which, in turn, entitles them to rights and protections. While formal identification should lead to and facilitate the opportunity for a victim to be referred for assistance, this does not always occur in […]

Law and Policy

Trafficking Victim Protection Frameworks in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Viet Nam: A Resource for Practitioners (2020) Victim protection – the identification, referral, assistance, and reintegration of trafficking victims – is a core component of a comprehensive response to trafficking in persons. Protection offers critical interventions to end trafficking exploitation as well as to […]

Enhancing Reintegration in Indonesia

Protecting the Unassisted and Underserved: Longitudinal Evidence-Based Research on Assistance and Reintegration Implementing Agency: NEXUS Institute Geographic Scope: Indonesia (West Java and Jakarta) Years: 2013-2019 Project Summary: Well-designed assistance and reintegration programs can assist trafficking victims to better manage and cope with the challenges of returning home and moving on with their lives after trafficking. However, NEXUS’ research has […]

Child Trafficking

Special and Additional Measures for Child Trafficking Victims: A Practitioner Guide (2021) The ASEAN Trafficking Convention (ACTIP) explicitly recognizes that child victims have special needs and that appropriate measures are needed to ensure the safety and well-being of child victims, from identification to the securing of a durable solution involving longer-term support. Care and protection […]